Who are we?

Passionate about ergonomics, innovation and entrepreneurship, I started my Ergon business project in 2019. My mission was simple: to promote the benefits of ergonomics, whether for the office or teleworking at home, in offering my consulting services and making ergonomic products available for computer workeur.

Since then, I have met a large number of people who all had one thing in common; their concern for well-being. Each and everyone had their story to tell; a chair that hurt their backs, an ill-adjusted table, problems with the neck, shoulders or wrists. I realized then that not everyone had the means or the space to afford the ergonomic equipment required for their needs.oins.

So I combined my knowledge of ergonomics with those acquired in engineering to design a product that, by its simplicity, allows anyone, virtually any place, to find balance and comfort during a working day.

An idea, a concept, motivation and the project of a sit-stand station was born at Ergon.

A compact and portable product, easily assembled and disassembled, which adapts to your body to promote a standing or even sitting position in a more engaged and dynamic way. A product that can be shared between colleagues in the office or at home with members of your family to allow a flexible station for all.

Our team is therefore proud to have worked to design a quality product for you and made in Quebec by people from here.